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When can you enjoy everything you’ve worked for?

Welcome to a different kind of wealth management in Durham

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Has rolling up your sleeves, working hard, and building success always been part of your DNA? Then we believe Mercer Advisors is the wealth management firm for you.

Because we’re here to help you keep building on that success. But at the same time, we fundamentally believe there’s a point in life where the wealth-builder in you deserves to become the wealth-enjoyer of all you’ve attained.

We’re built differently

Because to us, helping you protect and grow your wealth is about much more than just your investment portfolio

Of course, a well-managed investment portfolio is the cornerstone to building wealth. And we strive to do that exceptionally well.
But if returns are your sole focus, those returns can quickly be offset by what happens in the other parts of your financial life. Like not preparing for major taxable events, having an incomplete estate plan, a retirement plan that’s on autopilot, or a less than ideal business succession strategy.
So, unlike most firms, we have expertise across financial planning, investing strategy, tax and estate planning, trust services, insurance coverage, and more. With specialists across each of these areas communicating with each other about you, and with you.

Put simply, we help oversee and connect all the dots of your financial life.

Meet our talented wealth advisors in the Durham area

They’re here to help you connect all your financial dots

Joseph Young

Sr. Wealth Advisor, Sr. Director

Joseph Young

Joseph Young

Sr. Wealth Advisor, Sr. Director


Joseph began his career in wealth management in 2004. Prior to joining Mercer Advisors, he worked at Merrill Lynch Global Wealth and Investment Management as a senior wealth management and portfolio advisor. At Merrill Lynch, Joseph specialized in financial, estate, and investment planning for high-net-worth individuals and institutions. He holds dual Master’s degrees in Finance and Business Management from Johns Hopkins University. Joseph lives in Old Town Alexandria with his wife and two children.

We’ll team you up

with one of our talented wealth advisors who’ll help you connect all your financial dots

We’ll touch base to discuss your individual needs so that we can connect you with a wealth advisor who’s right for you.

Please Note: The achievement of any professional designation, certification, degree, or license should not be construed by a client or prospective client as a guarantee that he/she will experience a certain level of results or satisfaction if Mercer Advisors is engaged, or continues to be engaged, to provide investment advisory services.