All the Expertise You Need, All in One Place

A Truly Coordinated Effort

Working closely with you, your hand-picked wealth advisor coordinates specialists from our financial planning, tax planning & preparation, estate planning, insurance solutions, investment management teams and other specialties to help ensure every aspect of your financial life is attended to. 

You may also bring in your outside counsel or other experts to consult with our team, if you wish.

The Importance of Implementation

Knowing and doing are two different things. Mercer Advisors is built not only to give advice but also to put it into action. 

We have the in-house capabilities to devise tax strategies and prepare your returns based on it. To do estate planning and make it a reality. To recommend the right insurance products and get policies and estimates from the insurance carriers.

1 Mercer Advisors is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice to clients. All estate planning document preparation and other legal advice is provided through select third parties unaffiliated with Mercer Advisors.

2 Mercer Global Advisors has a related insurance agency. Mercer Advisors Insurance Services, LLC (MAIS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mercer Advisors Inc. Employees of Mercer Global Advisors serve as officers of MAIS. More information about MAIS and our Strategic Partners may be found in our Form ADV 2A.

3 Trustee services are offered through select third parties with which a client would engage directly as such additional fees may apply.

4 Tax preparation and tax filing are a separate fee from our investment management and planning services.

The scope of the services to be provided depends upon the terms of the engagement, and the specific requests and needs of the client.

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