Women & Wealth

Personal Financial Planning for Women

Women have unique financial planning needs that deserve to be met. For any situation you’re in — single, married, a parent, a stay-at-home partner, the breadwinner, a business owner — our experienced team will take care of you and help achieve your financial goals.

With almost 50% of our client-facing associates being women, we are committed to helping you build your wealth success. Learn how Mercer Advisors can support you on your journey to achieve financial freedom.

We Help Women Create Financial Plans that Fit Their Lives

Women have specific financial needs and working with a wealth advisor who understands those needs is critical. Learn how Mercer Advisors can help you with financial planning for women.

Women Business Owners

Success looks different for a woman who owns a business. Trust us to advise you on your unique business and family financial needs.

Primary Breadwinners

You are not alone. Our advisors understand your concerns. We can help you ensure your family’s financial security with a comprehensive financial plan.


The death of a partner changes everything — not least the financial plans you made together. We help you navigate the impacts and rebuild your plan.

Ready to meet with an advisor who understands women and wealth?