Compassion and Experience – Working with Families who have Dependents with Special Needs

At Mercer Advisors, we understand that having a dependent with special needs can be overwhelming. In fact, many parents, children, or siblings of a dependent with special needs have challenges navigating family financial planning because they are so focused on taking care of their loved one.

We have deep personal experience working with people who are experiencing the same situation. Financial planning for special needs dependents is more complex – that’s where our experienced advisors can step in. Our advisors can help you with topics such as replacing supports after a child leaves the public school system and making the most of Social Security benefits for the entire family.

Our compassionate team can help you understand where you are in the process, what you need to focus on today, and what can wait. Let’s do this together.

Disabilities Don’t Discriminate Against 65 Million Americans

Source: Census and Center for Disease Control

Financial Planning for Special Needs Individuals – a 3-Phase Strategy

If you are one of the 65 million families who are impacted by a dependent with special needs, you’re dealing with a complexity that others aren’t. However, you shouldn’t have to deal with it alone. We’ll work together and help get you focused on what’s most important in the short, medium, and long-term.

People With a Disability Have a Different Financial Life Cycle

Mercer Advisors can help your family devise a comprehensive plan to account for the financial complexities that come with dependents with special needs.

Ready to make a plan for your dependent with special needs?