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Investment Management

How does Mercer Advisors custom tailor my portfolio to meet my unique needs?

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Whether working, retired, or somewhere in between, our investment approach ensures each client’s portfolio is tailored to meet his or her unique needs. Some ways we can customize a portfolio might include:

  • Build, manage, and monitor an asset allocation with the highest probability of success that’s unique to your time horizon, financial needs, and risk tolerance.
  • Screen out companies that don’t align with your social values, such as companies with poor environmental records or questionable employee rights practices.
  • Invest in companies with high environmental, gender equity, social, and corporate governance ratings.

A Multi-Faceted Approach to Investment Management

We strive for superior risk-adjusted returns.

You invest to achieve specific financial goals. As a wealth management firm, our role is to ensure our portfolios reliably help clients achieve their goals. But investment returns are not free; the more return sought, the more risk must be undertaken. Our globally diversified, low-cost portfolios are capable of delivering the highest probability of investment success.

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We embrace the power of science and academic research to build better portfolios.

Factor investing, also called “scientific” or “rules-based” investing, is an investment approach that invests in companies exhibiting certain quantifiable characteristics that have been demonstrated through academic research to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns over time—not every time, but over time. Academic research suggests that overweighting certain factor exposures, such as value and momentum stocks, can add an additional 2% return annually over time on an equity index-based investment portfolio.1

We systematically and regularly rebalance portfolios.

You’ve likely heard the phrase “buy low and sell high.” This is what systematic rebalancing is: a methodical, non-emotional exercise of simultaneously selling outperforming assets while buying underperforming assets. And it has been shown to add as much as 0.44% per year in additional return to a diversified portfolio.2

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We build tax management into your investment portfolio.

Taxes can significantly erode investment returns. To help achieve superior after-tax returns, we work with our clients to ensure their portfolios are integrated with their overall financial plan and tax situation. Our clients benefit from a proactive tax planning strategy that works to minimize tax liability for current and future years. Studies show that proper tax management can add up to 1% per year to long-term returns.³

We walk in partnership with you on the path to Economic FreedomTM.

A critical benefit to working with a trusted advisor is partnering with an expert who can help you understand the impact of certain decisions on your financial plan. Since your advisor will get to know you, your family, and what you’re reaching for, they can provide tailored one-on-one guidance and oversight.

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An Investment Committee Focused on You

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As a fiduciary, we manage your wealth with the same care and diligence with which we manage our own.

We understand clients entrust to us their life savings, and that no two clients are alike. Some come to us with unique tax challenges, difficult family dynamics, or personal social values that they’d like to see incorporated in their portfolio. All share a desire to have their wealth managed using the best thinking available. At Mercer Advisors, we’re uniquely positioned to deliver on all these fronts.

Unlike many firms where a single advisor or perhaps the owners of a firm make all investment decisions, at Mercer Advisors we have a separate 14-member investment committee that oversees the firm’s investment research, policies, portfolios, and managers.

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