Thriving in Retirement – Tailored Solutions for Financial and Emotional Well-Being

Living in retirement is a dynamic and ever-evolving journey requiring careful planning and proactive management. Your retirement plan should not be a “set it and forget it” strategy. In fact, it’s important to review your financial plan as often in retirement as you did pre-retirement.

Mercer Advisors helps you manage the complexities of living in retirement with the confidence you’ve earned. We understand the concerns that many retirees have, such as outliving your savings, managing healthcare costs, navigating options for Medicare and Social Security, setting up charitable giving, or even finding fulfillment in a new stage of your life. We are here to support and guide you during this new beginning.

It Pays to Wait When it Comes to Social Security Benefits

Many factors can influence Social Security retirement benefits and starting age may be the most significant. The below chart illustrates that waiting until after age 62 to begin benefits can have positive impact on a couple’s monthly Social Security income. 

For illustrative purposes only. Benefit projections above are based on the estimated Primary Insurance Amount at Full Retirement Age that were provided by a client (names have been changed). Benefit amounts may change based on additional earnings or changes in earnings that can impact the Primary Insurance Amount. If you are already receiving benefits, your actual benefit payments may differ from the estimates above based on when you began collecting. All benefits levels are expressed in today’s dollars. All payments will increase with Cost of Living Adjustments (COLAs).

Living Well in Retirement – Making the Most of a New Life Chapter

A ship’s captain is constantly looking at the route of the journey throughout the voyage and, if needed, the path to the destination may change. Living in retirement is no different. Mercer Advisors will work with you to review your financial plan every year to help ensure that you have the highest chance of achieving success.

Ready to start living well in retirement?