Meeting the Complex Needs of Family Business Owners

Among the benefits and challenges of owning a family business is the matter of financially protecting your family and your business, separately and equally. Wealth management for family business owners involves a layer of complexity because the financial needs for you and your family are different, yet intertwined with, those of the business. The choices you make for your family business affect personal finances, and often vice versa. 

With almost 40 years of experience guiding our clients, Mercer Advisors helps family business owners create customized financial plans that align with your goals and concerns, such as tax planning, estate planning, investment management, retirement plans, and more.1 We understand that your personal finances and business finances are intertwined, so we take time to understand your situation so that we can help your family achieve its goals.

The Majority of Businesses Don’t Have a Succession Plan

Many business owners spend a great deal of time on the details of the day-to-day of their company. However, many don’t think about what happens when they leave. Seventy percent of business owners don’t have a succession plan.

Family Business Survival Rates

Source: PWC’s 10th Global Family Business Survey and SCORE

Grow and Protect Your Business at the Same Time

Conversations with family business owners often start with understanding a pain point. Our experience is that this is often the catalyst for them to seek help from a professional wealth manager. Whether the pain point involves personal finances or business concerns, we can help you better understand the situation and provide a path to resolve it. 

We understand that financial planning for family business owners involves increased complexity – with almost 40 years of experience working with family business owners, we can provide a unified and integrated financial plan for you and your family. 

The Most Popular Employee Perks

Source: The Society for Human Resource Management

1 Mercer Advisors is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice to clients. All estate planning document preparation and other legal advice is provided through select third parties unrelated to Mercer Advisors.

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