A Family Office for Your Family

Comprehensive Wealth Management

The 4 Pillars of the Mercer Advisors’ Family Office Approach

We’ve taken the sophisticated, time-tested approach that many ultra-high net worth individuals use to help manage their financial lives and made it accessible to more families.

Your team

A unified in-house team

of advisors, planners, investors, accountants, and estate strategists that designs — and executes — your financial plan.

Your person

A hand-picked wealth advisor

who is focused on serving you, not on finding new clients.

Your portfolio

An institutional-grade portfolio

that is tailored specifically for you, and managed by a team of 100+ investment professionals (not just one advisor).

Your firm

An independent, national fiduciary

legally obligated to always act in your best interest.

Mercer Advisors exists so that you don’t have to worry about money.

What’s Available at Mercer Advisors’ Family Office

Financial Planning

Investment Management1

Tax Planning & Preparation2

Estate Planning3

Insurance Solutions4

Trustee Services5

Benefits of Our Approach


Grow your wealth with sophisticated investing strategies tailored to your portfolio.

Protect your wealth through tax-efficient decisions and other tactics designed to help you keep more of what you earn.

Save money through lower investing and custody costs negotiated on your behalf, and through services like foundational tax and estate planning.


More time to do what you love – and less time coordinating multiple professionals, chasing down documents and gathering information.

Greater confidence knowing that you have a dedicated team of professionals that is proactively working on your behalf.

Greater clarity of purpose and philosophical alignment with your spouse, partner, and family members.

1 Options strategies, alternative investments, and private equity are for qualified/accredited investors only. These strategies and investments are subject to greater risks than those associated with traditional investments and are not suitable for all investors.

2 Tax preparation and tax filing are a separate fee from our investment management and planning services.

3 Mercer Advisors is not a law firm and does not provide legal advice to clients. All estate planning document preparation and other legal advice is provided through select third parties unrelated to Mercer Advisors.

4 Mercer Global Advisors has a related insurance agency. Mercer Advisors Insurance Services, LLC (MAIS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mercer Advisors Inc. Employees of Mercer Global Advisors serve as officers of MAIS. MAIS provides individual life, disability, long term care coverage, and property and casualty coverage through various insurance companies. For Mercer Global Advisors clients who wish to purchase insurance products, MAIS has entered into a non-exclusive referral agreement with Strategic Partner(s), where the Strategic Partner will provide necessary services relative to the marketing, placement, and servicing of the insurance products, including without limitation preparing and presenting illustrations, supporting the underwriting process, assisting with the completion and execution of applications, delivering policies, and servicing in-force business. MAIS and the Strategic Partner will be listed as either “agents” or “co-agents” on the policies. While Mercer Global Advisors does not receive a referral fee, Strategic Partner receives a percentage of the commission revenue. MAIS and Strategic Partner do have a referral fee sharing agreement.

5 Trustee services are offered through select third parties with which a client would engage directly, as such additional fees may apply.

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