Personalized Financial Planning for Executives

Finding long-term success at a growing company is a problem most executives would be happy to have. But that success often comes with complications — like concentrating too much of your wealth in company stock, and juggling the pros and cons of a range of financial benefits and incentives.

We help you take full advantage of your non-salary compensation by taking a holistic approach that balances your bonuses, stock options, and tax-deferred plans within your total financial picture. And we do it as part of an integrated wealth management program, with a coordinated team of financial planners, accountants, tax and insurance specialists, and estate strategists that address your needs comprehensively.

Simplifying Executive Compensation Planning

Early in your career, the bulk of your compensation most likely came from your salary. But as you’ve advanced, your salary has probably become a smaller portion of your total compensation.

When bonuses, stock, and other incentives start to become a larger portion of your overall compensation, keeping track of and managing it can get confusing and time consuming. That’s where our planning, tax, and investment specialists come in.

Are You Getting More in Equity Than Salary?

Corporate Executives Cash vs Equity Compensation

Source: Harvard Business Review, Compensation Packages That Actually Drive Performance: Principles for designing executive pay, February 2021.

Equity Compensation: Managing Concentrated Stock Risk

Alongside the benefits of equity compensation are the risks of having a high percentage of wealth in a single investment. How can you tell when it’s time to diversify? What options should you consider?

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