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Many firms who operate as fiduciaries and share our commitment to serving clients have joined Mercer Advisors. By becoming a part of the Mercer Advisors team, you gain access to a firm with national presence and scale, and complete back office support so you can focus on client needs. Advisory firms who join Mercer Advisors share a common vision of working with clients to help them live enriched lives and gain clarity on their paths to economic freedom.

We have a proven track record of successful M&A integration. Whether you’re exploring succession planning, looking to expand your service offerings or desiring to increase operations scale to focus on clients, we invite you to talk to us.

“Pay attention to the softer things, like the cultural comparisons and getting to know the people. These are going to be people you see every day, so spend the time and get to know them outside of the office setting. For our industry, this is probably one of the most important issues we are all facing, so make sure you get started now, obtain professional advice, and find the right partner. We did and couldn’t be happier!”


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We help RIAs with growth, succession planning or exit strategies. We offer a myriad of solutions to help take care of and service existing clients. Speak with our Vice President of Business Development, William Perysian.

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