Finding Success When You Switch Jobs or Careers

Considering a significant shift in your career – whether it involves transitioning to a different employer within your current field or moving into an entirely new profession – can be incredibly exciting and rewarding. However, this process may also induce anxiety, particularly concerning the financial implications of such a shift.

Mercer Advisors has extensive experience in assisting clients like you through major job or career transitions. Our seasoned team will collaborate with you to develop a financial plan that aligns with your professional objectives, so you can feel confident and driven when taking the next step. 

Most Common Barriers to Changing Careers

Approximately 57% of surveyed employees said that their top barrier for making a career change is a lack of financial security.

Source: Zippia. “21 Crucial Career Change Statistics (2023): How Often Do People Change Jobs?”, Feb. 9, 2023.

Make a Smooth Transition into Your New Position

The first and most important step in planning a career change is identifying your goals. Our process helps you define these goals and work towards them, while also guiding you through the financial and lifestyle implications that accompany career transitions.

What is Your Motivation? What are Your Goals?

There are many reasons why you may decide to change jobs or careers. In our almost 40 years working with clients like you, these are the main reasons we’ve encountered.

Ready to make a career change?