Unique Assets

Personalized Solutions for Owners of Unique Assets

Mercer Advisors understands that certain assets require a nuanced approach to financial planning. Whether you have a concentrated stock position or own a family business, we approach each situation by understanding both the financial and emotional aspects of these holdings.

Unique assets require specialized attention. Learn how we can help you.

Unique Assets Come in Different Forms. We can Help You Create a Plan That is Right for You

Need a nuanced approach to your unique situation? It’s likely we have an advisor who works with clients in a similar situation to yours. Let’s talk

Family Business

Owning a business with your family isn’t easy. Our holistic approach takes into account the financial, emotional, and interpersonal dynamics that are inherent in family businesses.

Concentrated Stock

Knowing when and how to exit a concentrated position isn’t always easy. We’ll work with you to help minimize risk and establish a long-term financial strategy to best fit your needs.

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