A Guide to Comprehensive Financial Planning for Business Owners

A comprehensive, tax-efficient approach to financial planning for business owners understands the intrinsic link between personal investment strategies and overall business goals. We help savvy business owners prioritize financial diversification beyond the business, tax planning, wealth preservation, succession, and exit planning while maintaining investment control and understanding risk.

At Mercer Advisors, we’ve been working closely with business owners for nearly 40 years to create a unified and integrated financial approach to managing their total financial picture. We prioritize strategies that align their personal and business objectives, preserve their hard-earned wealth, and navigate the challenges unique to business owners for a clear path to financial success.

A Holistic Wealth Management Approach for Business Owners

The simple reality is that for business owners, personal finances are connected to business finances. Successful business owners value the unified and integrated financial plan we can provide with more nearly 40 years of experience. Working hand-in-hand with business owners, we create comprehensive plans to successfully manage their complex personal and business financial affairs. 

Unified and Integrated Planning for Business Owners

A unified and integrated financial plan for business owners takes care to address the interconnectedness of personal financial planning and overall business goals to create a strategy that’s right for you.

Ready to make a financial plan for you and your business?