In Overseeing a Family Trust, Expertise Matters

The Advantages of Professional Trustee Services

While a friend or family member may be an easy and comfortable choice for trustee of your family trust, consider both the burden you are putting on that person and their ability to carry out all of the trustee’s duties.

Serving as a trustee is often a time-intensive process that requires specialized legal, financial, and tax expertise, objectivity and discretion, and experience in handling complex relationships — not to mention the resources and tools to get everything done.

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Who Can Benefit from an Independent and Objective Corporate Trustee?

Three scenarios that showcase the benefits of a corporate trustee. 

“My daughter has a solid career and is very savvy in managing her wealth, but my son is not. I want to outsource this to an objective third party to avoid creating an ongoing family conflict.”

“Our child has special needs, and we want to know he’ll get the right care when we’re gone. We don’t want a big bank that we don’t know to manage the estate. We want someone who works directly with our advisor and has known us for years.”

“We trust our children, but we don’t want to burden them with managing a complex trust. And when they’re gone, we want our grandchildren to think about how they want to use the money, not about managing investments and paying taxes.”

These are hypothetical situations to demonstrate how having a corporate trustee can be helpful, and are shown for illustrative purposes only.

* Trustee services are offered through select third parties with which a client would engage directly, as such additional fees may apply.

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