Protecting, Preserving, and Growing Your Inheritance

Your inheritance marks a beginning and an end. We understand how to approach this delicate situation because we’ve worked with people and families like you for almost four decades.

From foundational financial planning with your new wealth, to strategies for optimizing your taxes, transferring assets, and estate planning, we’re here to help ensure your new wealth is protected, optimized, and meets your long-term goals. In addition to your financial advisor, your unified and integrated team will be customized based on your needs, and may consist of a Certified Public Account (CPA), CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, investment specialist, insurance specialist, trustee professionals, and more all working together to help protect your legacy for years to come.

$84 Trillion in Wealth is Expected to be Transferred Over the Next 20 Years

If you are anticipating wealth from an inheritance or have recently acquired one, consulting a wealth professional is vital for understanding how to optimize it.

Source: Cerulli U.S. High-Net-Worth and Ultra-High-Net-Worth Markets 2021 report

Generational Wealth Planning

Inheriting wealth marks a beginning, rather than an end – now is the most important time to speak with a wealth professional so that you can understand how to make the most of your inheritance. We have guided thousands of clients during this emotional time, so let our deep experience also help you. Read on for more information on important financial considerations for recent inheritors.

A Unified and Integrated Approach to Your Financial Planning is an Integral Part of Safeguarding Your Legacy

Your inheritance provides a unique opportunity to create generational wealth for your family. Taking a unified and integrated approach to your wealth can help ensure its longevity and protect your legacy for the years to come.

1 Mercer Global Advisors has a related insurance agency. Mercer Advisors Insurance Services, LLC (MAIS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mercer Advisors Inc. Employees of Mercer Global Advisors serve as officers of MAIS. MAIS provides individual life, disability, long term care coverage, and property and casualty coverage through various insurance companies. For Mercer Global Advisors clients who wish to purchase insurance products, MAIS has entered into a non-exclusive referral agreement with Strategic Partner(s), where the Strategic Partner will provide necessary services relative to the marketing, placement, and servicing of the insurance products, including without limitation preparing and presenting illustrations, supporting the underwriting process, assisting with the completion and execution of applications, delivering policies, and servicing in-force business. MAIS and the Strategic Partner will be listed as either “agents” or “co-agents” on the policies. While Mercer Global Advisors does not receive a referral fee, Strategic Partner receives a percentage of the commission revenue. MAIS and Strategic Partner do have a referral fee sharing agreement.

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