Tax Planning & Management Services

Tax planning is integral

to maximizing and managing your wealth.

And key to wealth management is having a financial plan that not only takes into consideration ways to reduce tax outlays in the long term, but how much you need to pay now and in the future.

A good tax plan also takes into account laws that will impact your taxes. For families, especially those with children, it’s important to know how these laws may impact your financial plan.

Mercer Advisors helps you be strategic in your tax planning. When you work with an accountant to prepare your taxes, or if you file your tax return yourself, you look at the past year and how your finances were impacted. But what if you could know what your taxes are going to be at the start of each year?

How Our Proactive Tax Planning Process Works

At Mercer Advisors, we help you better understand what your tax situation may look like in the future and how the decisions you make today can affect your future wealth. Your fiduciary advisor, (many times a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional) has intimate knowledge of your financial goals and wealth management issues from working with you and can provide a complete picture of how taxes impact your financial plan.

This complete picture is ongoing throughout the year:

  • At the start of the year, our tax specialists will take your prior year’s return and calculate what you can expect to pay for the current tax year.
  • Through discussions with you, we can help anticipate how the choices you make today can affect your taxes and wealth. Understanding your holistic finances allows us to better assess potential tax benefits and tax deductions.
  • Adjustments are made throughout the year. Because we are intimately familiar with your wealth goals, we help develop strategies that may affect your future wealth accumulation, assisting you as you continue continue to grow your wealth.
  • We understand there may be qualifying life changing events that can affect your taxes, such as getting married, purchasing a home, or selling real estate. We adapt quickly to any changes in your life and adjust your tax projections as needed, since our advisors and tax specialists sit under one roof.
  • We will prepare and file your tax returns.

Integrate Our Tax Planning Services into Your Wealth Management Plan

Taxes should be an integral part of your financial planning discussion. It’s not what you earn but what you keep that matters. Minimizing taxes is essential to protecting your lifestyle, longevity, and legacy. We set you on a path to keep more of your wealth.

With tax professionals coast to coast, our CPAs or tax advisors have dealt with a wide variety of tax scenarios across all states. We are well-equipped to help you with your state and federal taxes and provide strategies to assist you with a range of tax issues that may occur – we know the tax rules so you don’t have to.

Tax preparation and tax filing are a separate fee from our investment management and planning services.

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