Financial Guidance for Women Business Owners

Running a business, making sure it is profitable, and retaining key employees are challenges that all business owners face.  However, women business owners may face additional challenges relative to their male counterparts, such as: 

1. Building a strong support / mentor network

2. Accessing funding

3. Balancing business and family life

At Mercer Advisors, we understand these challenges and know how to overcome them. In fact, 50% of our client-facing team are women who understand the complexities of owning businesses from their own experiences as well as working with their clients.1 Learn how Mercer Advisors can be an important advocate for having a successful business, while also having the life you desire.

Women Have a Harder Time Getting Business Loans Than Men

Women-owned businesses are more likely to get their loan applications denied than male-owned businesses. This means that many women reach into their personal savings to fund their businesses, which can have impacts on their personal finances.

Source: Fed Small Business Credit Survey, 2022

Mercer Advisors Helps Provide the Advice and Tools Necessary to Lead a Successful Business

We help female entrepreneurs access the advice and tools they need to lead successful businesses.

Mercer Advisors is here to help reduce the stress of juggling business and home responsibilities that can affect your success and wellbeing. Lean on us for support.

Our team is available to help with your pain points and to create open pathways to achieving your dream of owning a successful business.

Women Own About One Third of U.S. Small Businesses

There are 33 million small businesses in the U.S. Women own only 13 million of them.

Source: “Are Women-Owned Businesses as Successful as Male-Owned Businesses?” Score Association, 2023

1 Client facing employees include Client Services, Financial Planning and Family Wealth Services

2 “Special Report: Access to Fund Remains a Challenge for Women-Owned Business”, QuickBooks, May 31, 2022.

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4 Source:, “How the Pandemic’s Childcare Crisis Impacted Women-owned Businesses and Altered their Future”

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