Connecting the Dots on Your Insurance Plan

Steve Scothorn

Director of Insurance Solutions


Wealth planning through insurance and asset protection: Mercer Advisors connects the dots.

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When you work with an integrated wealth planning firm such as Mercer Advisors, your team of professionals collaborate to connect the dots among all aspects of your financial life. That means you not only have a wealth advisor who can seek the best outcomes within your portfolio, but you also have access to myriad other professionals. These can include tax strategists and accountants for tax preparation and planning, estate planning specialists who can prepare trusts and estate plans, corporate trustees, and insurance specialists.

An integral part of any wealth plan is insurance: Your assets should be properly protected for you and your loved ones. Our in-house team works with a number of different insurance providers to identify the best coverage for you, based on your unique situation.


Planning for your loved ones

Insurance planning is about providing a sense of security and reassurance for those you love. It can also be a crucial tool for managing life’s unpredictability.

As we plan for current and future financial security, we can also employ safety nets to protect our loved ones, our financial plans, our estate, and our health from unforeseen life events. These can take many forms: unexpected death, disability, long-term illness, unanticipated income loss.


The Mercer Advisors’ insurance experience

The Mercer Advisors’ insurance planning process begins with your wealth advisor, who works seamlessly with our internal Insurance Solutions Team. Our Insurance Solutions Team reviews your current insurance coverages to identify what you currently have, and how it fits into your financial plan. The review is conducted to identify any potential gaps and to make sure optimal protection is in place. If your current coverage protects your overall financial plan, no changes are necessary.

Alternatively, if your existing coverage is not adequate, our insurance specialists can identify options for additional coverage. They will review existing policies, evaluating your goals for the future alongside your wealth plan. Our insurance specialists then review current protection measures, identify areas for discussion, and provide a comprehensive insurance review that your advisor will discuss with you in depth. This assessment will take into consideration your broader wealth plan including your estate planning needs. Should you and your advisor agree that additional and/or different insurance coverage is needed, our team will work to secure your optimal risk-management solution.


The insurance research and analysis process

How do we evaluate potential insurance options to determine the best coverage for you? The process begins with a conversation, which helps us learn more about your financial goals, risk tolerance, and current insurance protection measures. We also discuss scenarios in which suboptimal insurance planning could potentially prevent your family from achieving financial security, confidence, and freedom.

While there are some insurance industry standards around risk mitigation, every client’s situation is unique. And at Mercer Advisors, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Our collaborative conversations are so powerful because we are able to use advanced insurance planning software to illustrate potential outcomes. We also maintain working relationships with top quality insurance companies, which enable us to access insurance expertise for any situation.


The Mercer Advisors difference

While insurance planning for many feels like one of those tasks to check off your list, we understand that insurance runs deeper than that – it is an important tool in managing your wealth plan. Here, you have access to an entire team of professionals who want nothing but the best for you and your family. Your team works together to help make insurance planning easier for you, while ultimately protecting your best interests, for generations to come.

Connecting the dots on your insurance plan is just one part of your overall wealth planning process. Let’s connect.

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