5 Ways to Help Boost Your Nonprofit in 2023


Changes in marketing, the economy, and technology mean risk and opportunity for nonprofits in 2023. Here are five trends to watch.

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Running a nonprofit can create challenges that go far beyond fundraising. While budgets are often stretched thin, small teams of employees and volunteers often find themselves with competing priorities, multiple tasks to juggle at once, and impossible deadlines. Fortunately, resources exist to help build an organizational strategy and improve efficiency. Here are five lesser-known ways to help boost your nonprofit in 2023.


Assess your cybersecurity risks

Nearly every enterprise faces some sort of cybersecurity threat today and nonprofits are no exception. Because many organizations store personal information and data or process donations electronically, data breaches, malware, and hacking incidents are an ever-present risk.

The Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) suggests that the first step in assessing your nonprofit’s data risks is to take inventory of all the data your nonprofit collects and identify where it is stored. NTEN offers a template assessment tool and Microsoft offers a Free Security Assessment for nonprofits. Also, since many nonprofits use external firms for bookkeeping, payrolls, or online transactions, understanding the third party’s commitment to cybersecurity is an essential part of assessing the risk to the nonprofit as well.


Drive marketing performance

A lot is changing on the marketing front as nonprofits embrace new tools. According to Funraise, the average donation size is 1.4 times greater for organizations who embrace the same digital tools we’ve grown accustomed to when using eCommerce. Funraise mentions several other powerful marketing trends for nonprofits in 2023:

  • More attention to the use of digital wallets payments like Apple Pay, Paypal, Venmo, and GooglePay.
  • Greater use of LinkedIn to establish your organization as a thought leader and to communicate with workers
  • The “ecommercification” to optimize online donations
  • Increased focus on events: hybrid, in-person, and virtual
  • SMS communications (which increases the text for giving experience)


Prepare for the increased demand on nonprofits

Strive to create fundraising campaigns centered around the top three trends that nonprofits will continue to face which, according to the Council of Nonprofits, will continue to be: 1) increased demand for nonprofit products and services stemming from growing needs in communities, 2) the limited and declining availability of key resources, and 3) the growing awareness of actively advocating the organization’s mission locally and at a national level. Also, with a sharp drop in government fiscal stimulus post-COVID, the nonprofit sector continues to take on added importance for many low-income individuals and families.


Foster organizational culture

According to Salesforce’s Annual Nonprofit Report (5th edition), employee burnout and/or mental health issues are key issues impacting nonprofits. With persistently low unemployment in the U.S. economy, hiring the right talent is challenging, and employee turnover has increased. To maintain a reliable workforce, consider spending some time to nurture your team by revisiting your benefits package. Ensure you are competitive and treating your team like the rockstars they are.


Attend a conference

Some conferences are virtual, like the Salesforce Conference (usually held in May), while Mercer Advisors brings conferences to many of our locations free of charge to nonprofit organizations. This year’s conferences will take place in Denver, San Francisco, Portland, and Sun Valley.

The new year is a new beginning for your organization. What trends impact you the most? Can you improve your data security? If you haven’t done so already, why not incorporate digital donation experiences into your development process? How can you craft a marketing message that demonstrates the essential nature of your mission in your community? What can you do to make your team feel special? Educate yourself and your team by attending a conference this year. Most important, take time to appreciate the great work you do for your community.

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