7 Steps You Need to Immediately Take if you Have been a Victim of an Online Scam

If you suspect a scam, there are a few important steps you should take right away:

1. Call your financial institutions and make them aware of the scam.

2. Freeze your credit by calling the three credit bureaus.

  • Equifax: Call 800.349.9960 or go online
  • Experian: Call 888.397.3742 or go online
  • TransUnion: Call 888.909.8872 or go online


3. Contact your local police or sheriff’s office to report the scam.

4. In case of Identity theft file a complaint with IdentityTheft.gov

5. File a complaint with the FTC online

6. File a complaint with the FBI online

7. File a complaint with your state attorney general office Find AG

Because all scams are different, you might have to reach out to a number of other local, state, and federal agencies depending on your situation.

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