Privacy Statement

At Mercer Global Advisors (“Mercer Advisors”), our most valuable asset is the relationship we maintain with our clients. We honor and serve this relationship by maintaining the highest standards of trust and confidence, which includes the safeguarding of client information.

OUR CLIENTS’ PRIVACY IS NOT FOR SALE. Mercer Advisors does not and will not sell non-public personal client information to anyone, for any reason, at any time.


The confidence and trust placed in Mercer Advisors by our clients is held in the highest regard; Mercer Advisors has taken extraordinary measures to:

  • Ensure continuous confidentiality of all client data – biographical, professional, and financial;
  • Ensure the physical and electronic security of all client records;
  • Protect against any anticipated threat to the security of such records;
  • Protect against any unauthorized access to such records.

Mercer Advisors employs numerous checks and balances in order to ensure the confidentiality of all client data, including but not limited to:

  • Storage of all hardcopy client records in a secured room and/or in an alarmed and locked building;
  • Computer software firewalls and passwords limit electronic access to confidential client data;
  • Where appropriate, affiliated and non-affiliated companies are required to execute nondisclosure agreement(s) regarding the use and disclosure of any confidential client information;
  • Each employee is required to execute an employment agreement which assures absolute confidentiality of all company client data both during and post-employment;
  • Client data is disseminated within Mercer Advisors only on an as-needed basis and in accordance with and subject to all applicable employee conduct and policy guidelines;
  • Written and electronic communication policy maintains that all information contained within any company system remains the sole property of Mercer Advisors;
  • An exit interview is conducted wherein a terminated employee must affirm that he or she has returned to the originator, or left within his or her department, all proprietary information previously held within said employee’s possession;
  • Immediate revocation of employee access to all proprietary data upon termination of employment.

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