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Equity Compensation Part 3: Managing Concentrated Stock Risk

Alongside the many financial benefits of receiving equity compensation, such as stock options, from your employer, having a high percentage of wealth in one investment can be risky. How can you tell when it’s time to diversify? What options should you consider?

We wrap up our three-part series on equity concentration with this episode featuring Duncan Wilk of Mercer Advisors, who joins host Doug Fabian to look at highly concentrated investment positions from a risk-vs.-reward perspective.

Hear their guidance on:

  • Recognizing when your investment portfolio might be over-concentrated in one area
  • “De-risking” a highly concentrated stock position or other type of investment
  • The benefits of tax-loss harvesting
  • Building a diversified portfolio around a large holding of one company’s stock
  • How charitable giving and estate planning considerations influence a highly concentrated position

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