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Michelle Ash


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Michelle is driven by the belief that aligning clients’ aspirations with their financial strategies is pivotal for a fulfilling life journey. Leveraging her expertise in withdrawal planning, multi-year tax savings strategies, and charitable and estate planning, she guides clients towards their optimal path forward. Michelle co-founded Paragon Wealth Strategies and joined Mercer Advisors in 2023 after the acquisition. Graduating magna cum laude from the University of Louisville in Kentucky in 1995, Michelle has been dedicated to educating others in retirement planning. She taught courses through the University of North Florida’s LearnJax program and served as an Adjunct Professor at Florida State College at Jacksonville. Michelle’s insights have been shared on the radio show “Financial Feud” and featured in the “Jacksonville Business Journal.” Outside of work, she treasures moments with her husband and children, finding joy in activities that connect her with nature, including flower gardening, motorcycle rides, and paddleboarding.


10245 Centurion Pkwy N
Suite 106
Jacksonville, Florida 32256

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