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Factor Investing with Don Calcagni – Part 1

Doug Fabian

Senior Vice President


In this episode of the Science of Economic Freedom, you’ll learn about the characteristics that have been identified by Nobel prize-winning economist and academics as some of the key factors that drive stocks higher.

Joining me in this discussion is Don Calcagni, Mercer Advisor’s Chief Investment Officer. Don is an expert on factor investing, and his breadth of knowledge will enlighten your understanding of the subject and its potential place in a well-rounded investment portfolio.

Plus, you’ll discover:

  • Why factor investing involves objective, quantifiable measures of a stock, bond, etc.
  • What factors Mercer Advisors look for first when evaluating a stock. Is it a value or a growth stock?
  • Why “size matters” in factor investing.
  • How the “momentum factor” operates in stocks, and how it plays a role in an investment’s performance over time.
  • The “quality factor,” and how best to measure quality in a company and a stock.
  • The “low volatility factor” and why corporate debt levels are a key component.
  • Plus, how to blend these factors in an investment portfolio based on where you are in your investing lifecycle.

Here are the “Action Step” takeaways from this episode:

1) Go to the website and get the special supplement to this episode on factor investing.

2) Look at your portfolio and determine if you currently have exposure to factor-style investing.

3) Research the various factors investing choices and look to see what your options are from your investment custodian.

4) Send me an email with your questions, show topic suggestions, or other ideas to

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