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Your wealth management team includes and is supported by financial planners, investment professionals, tax experts, estate attorneys, retirement planning specialists, and 8 thought leaders who sit on our Investment Committee – all within the same firm, working together for your benefit and success.  


The end result is coordinated advice, guidance, and education.  No matter what life throws your way, we’re here for you to provide the clarity and insight necessary to make the best decisions for your unique circumstances... today, tomorrow, and throughout retirement.

Client Stories

Donald Calcagni shares a story of how working with Mercer Advisors made one couple's dream a reality in the midst of a life-changing event.

Jeff Kacal shares a story of one client's long-term needs and how working with Mercer Advisors helped support him through several life transitions.

The Difference

You will quickly recognize our difference when working with Mercer Advisors.  It's all about your peace of mind.  We are committed to helping you live your best life - exactly as you define it.  Maximize return, minimize risk, and maintain portfolio longevity.  We employ a disciplined investment philosophy backed by academic and scientifically validated investment principles and processes.