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Investing In The Equity and Fixed Income Markets

Doug Fabian

Senior Vice President


In this episode of the Science of Economic Freedom, we focus on the basic tenets of investing in the equity and fixed income markets.

This discussion includes:

  • The “first rule of successful investing,” a rule that’s almost always broken, even by most seasoned investors.
  • Value stocks vs. growth stocks, and which group is the clear outperformer over multiple time periods.
  • How to select the right equity mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).
  • How to use fixed income investments for capital preservation and income generation.
  • Understanding credit risk and interest rate risk in fixed income investments.
  • The application of science and mathematics to equity and fixed income investment selection.

Here are a few “Action Step” takeaways from this episode:

  1. Determine where you are going to invest your economic freedom dollars, e.g. mutual funds or brokerage firms.
  2. Research value and fixed income investing options at your chosen custodial firm.
  3. Review your 401(k) or company-sponsored retirement plan to gain an understanding of the investment offerings open to you.
  4. Go to and review the many articles and special reports designed to help you navigate your path to economic freedom.
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