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Who’s connecting your dots?

When it comes to wealth management, we help take the pressure off you

So you can concentrate on building your wealth and living your best life

What makes the way we work truly innovative? Well, we were built differently from the start: built on the principle that every aspect of your financial life is just as important as any other. And that getting to know what’s really important to you is the first step towards helping you connect all your financial dots, so you can get to where you want to be.

We believe you’ll see that difference as soon as you talk to any of our wealth advisors. They’ll manage every aspect of your financial life for you, giving you the context you need, and deserve, to make wiser decisions for your future. As far as they’re concerned, working tirelessly to help you build confidence in your financial future is part of their job description.

We’ll do all the legwork

And connect all the dots of your financial life for you

Financial planning and wealth management are complicated. You may know aspects of them, but we’ll take a calculated guess that there just isn’t the time in your day to worry about it all.

Which is why we believe working with us, with one connected team of specialists in all areas of your financial life, to map out your path and then adapt your plan as your life changes, may be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

What’s it like having us in your corner?

Let our wealth advisors tell you:

So how does our process work?

What to expect from your wealth advisor

Of course, everyone’s lives and ultimate destinations are different.

You may not even need everything we offer right away. But this will give you an idea of our typical approach.



We always begin with big questions to help determine your ultimate goals and understand the components of your net worth.



We’ll then design custom investment and tax strategies to help grow your wealth while seeking to minimize risks and expenses.



Your personal plan could include your children’s education, your retirement, your estate, and your insurance coverage.



We’ll constantly assess your plan and adapt and adjust as your life changes.

A financial plan as original as you are

One that reflects your individual journey and fits your professional and personal life

A more detailed look at our areas of expertise


Financial Planning is the foundation of true wealth management. Which is why your wealth advisor will get to know your values, aspirations, and motivations so they can develop a sound financial plan that sets the goals and timeframes that are critical to getting you to where you want to be.


We operate as a fiduciary, which means we’re legally obligated to act in your best interest. Our sophisticated investment strategies can help you improve your portfolio by managing taxes and diversifying and rebalancing. And our advisors, well, we help coach you through the ups and downs of the market.


When it comes to maximizing wealth, we believe that saving money is just as important as making it. Minimizing your tax liabilities can be a huge part of your financial plan. Which is why we give you proactive tax planning advice throughout the year.


It’s critical to preserve the assets you have worked so hard to build. Our in-house team of estate planning attorneys and specialists will work closely with your advisory team to help make sure your estate plan stays on track.


As your assets grow in value and diversity, how you protect those assets can get complicated very quickly. Your wealth advisor works closely with our insurance partners, to help provide you with carrier-agnostic guidance on a wide range of coverage options that align with your financial plan.


Rather than burden a family member or trusted friend with the complexities of managing assets that have been placed into a trust, you may feel more comfortable considering a trustee. With an objective view, they can offer impartial and independent advice, while keeping your decisions front and center.

As your net worth grows

Our approach grows with you

As your wealth grows, so do the opportunities. But the decisions that need to be made at this level can become more complex.

Which is why our Ascend Group surrounds you with an exclusive “C-Suite” team selected from our most senior financial planning and wealth specialists, CPAs, estate planning attorneys and investment portfolio managers.

A team directed by your personal wealth advisor, to help maximize your wealth plan while minimizing the demands on your time.

A retirement plan for the most important business in the world:

Whether you’re a small business owner or running a large corporation, your needs and challenges are as unique as your company. And that can include the retirement plan you offer your people.

We understand that balancing fiduciary obligations with your day-to-day responsibilities can be a challenge. So why not let us take on these management and investment duties for you?

You’ve worked hard to build your business. We can help you build the retirement you and your employees deserve.

When it comes to foundations and endowments

We’re on a mission. That mission is to help you achieve yours.

Foundations and endowments are driven to change the world by supporting thriving communities. To get there, you need long-term, sustainable, diversified, and disciplined investment strategies that evolve as the market and your organization changes.

Our seasoned investment advisors have spent decades partnering with foundations and endowments, as well as serving on nonprofit boards in their own communities. So we’ve had to make the same decisions you face every day.

We believe partnering with us will provide you with so much more than you expected, from funding strategies to board education to legacy guidance for donors. We can help you further your mission and goals.

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