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First Quarter 2020 Update on the Markets

Capital markets posted some modest gains in recent weeks after falling sharply at the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic in early March. However, the timeline of a more lasting financial recovery remains unclear as this crisis continues to shut down large segments of the economy.

In this podcast episode, Mercer Advisors Chief Investment Officer Don Calcagni joins host Doug Fabian to look at how the current bear market is evolving. Tune in for their perspectives on:

  • Stock returns in the banking, tech, REIT, and FAANG sectors
  • How the market could respond to extended social-distancing restrictions, progress toward a COVID-19 vaccine, and other potential developments later this year
  • What the market recovery will look like and how long it will take
  • Long-term economic impacts of the U.S. government’s $4 trillion-plus borrowing binge
  • Whether retirees should consider moving some money out of stocks in the current climate
  • How investors should think about bonds and other fixed-income options during this crisis

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