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Portfolio Management And Steps To Take In A Volatile Market


In this investing podcast, our Science of Economic Freedom podcast host, Doug Fabian (also a financial advisor at Mercers Advisors), along with Donald Calcagni, Mercer Advisors Chief Investment Officer, will provide you with portfolio management perspectives and strategies to help cope with the 2018 volatile markets. These experienced investment professionals will help you understand what has been driving the volatility, what clients should do now, and how a good financial advisor can help investors weather storms in the markets.


To say that the stock market has been volatile of late would be an exercise in understatement. Since early October, the market has gone on a virtual rollercoaster ride of big up days, and even bigger down days. And just when we thought the ride might be over, well, the wildness just continues.

So, what do these latest price swings mean for the markets at large, and your investments in particular? Should you be worried or concerned? Is there something you should be doing now that you aren’t doing?

In this timely episode of the Science of Economic Freedom, “Talking Markets with Don Calcagni,” I have a conversation with the Mercer Advisors Chief Investment Officer that covers, among many other subjects, what’s driving the volatility and why it hasn’t subsided yet.

Topics included in this episode:

  • How to keep the market swings in perspective
  • Why you should look at percentages, not “points”
  • What market sectors have been fueling the selling (hint: FAANGs)
  • Is the yield curve predictive in forecasting recessions?
  • What wealth management clients should do now (hint: stay focused)
  • How does a financial advisor help investors weather market storms?
  • How you can avoid the urge to “do something” to avoid selling at a low?
  • Plus, much more…

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