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Market Update & Outlook with Don Calcagni

In this episode of the Science of Economic Freedom, I interview one of the best minds in the financial industry today, Mercer Advisors Chief Investment Officer Don Calcagni.

Topics in this episode include…

  • How low unemployment and strong global economic growth were key tailwinds driving markets in 2017, and why the resurgence of the retail investor helped send stocks to record highs.
  • Why the “currency effect,” along with global growth, helped fuel international markets and particularly emerging markets.
  • Why supply-and-demand economics, and not the Federal Reserve hiking interest rates, has been the chief driver of bond prices.
  • Why inflation has been tame over the past several years, and why it’s right about where the Federal Reserve wants it to be.
  • What factors are most likely to drive markets in 2018; why equity valuations are NOT currently at all-time highs, and why strong recent earnings growth is pushing down valuation metrics.
  • Why the new tax law represents a seismic shift in corporate tax rates, and why it’s likely to make U.S. companies more competitive globally.
  • What investors should be thinking right now in order to perform well in 2018, including analyzing asset allocations and rebalancing portfolios.

Here are a few “Action Steps” to take away from this episode:

1) Review your current asset allocation to make sure you are fully diversified.

2) Rebalance your portfolio and look to make any adjustments needed to get your money in line with your asset allocation targets.

3) Begin planning for the new tax law and its impact you. The first step is to understand the changes that will go into effect in the tax year 2018.

4) Go to and review Don Calcagni’s articles, as well as all our special reports.

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