How to Fund College Without Going Broke with Jamie Block

In this episode of the Science of Economic Freedom, “How to Fund College without Going Broke,” I speak with Jamie Block, Certified Financial Planner, CPA and client advisor with Mercer Advisors.

Jamie is an expert at helping clients prepare for, and fund, their children’s college educations. She’s helped hundreds of clients make the right choices for not only college funding, but also for funding their own economic freedom.

Issues covered in this episode include:

  • The most common college funding mistakes (hint, it’s waiting too long)
  • The importance of a plan that doesn’t sacrifice your retirement
  • The common college savings retirement accounts (529 plans, etc.)
  • New tax law changes affecting 529 plan
  • The investment options in a 529 plan
  • The power of compounding when saving for a child’s college education
  • How a home equity line of credit can help some families deal with college costs
  • A few considerations regarding student loans, interest rates and loan duration

Jamie was a wealth of knowledge on the topic of college funding, so if you or anyone you know have a child or grandchild that needs college funding, then this episode of the Science of Economic Freedom is a must.

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