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Walking in partnership with our clients every step of the way – from financial planning and investment strategies for accumulation to retirement planning and protective distribution strategies that meet unique lifestyle, philanthropic, and legacy objectives.


Creative solution for building a more tax-efficient and diversified portfolio from a highly concentrated stock position.

Our Philosophy

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Best-In-Class Investments

The resources of our nearly $6 billion firm grant you access to institutional funds not available to the average investor. Institutional money managers must pass stringent selection criteria and an arduous vetting process by our Investment Committee to be considered for inclusion in our investment strategies. Among other things, these fund managers must have a proven track record of pure asset class representation, superior trade methodologies, and a profound focus on cost efficiencies. Fund managers are evaluated regularly and must continue to meet and exceed our high standards in order to remain on our platform.

Rigorous Operational Efficiencies

We monitor your portfolio closely. Through systematic rebalancing, specialized tax strategies, income & distribution oversight, and aggressive cost control measures, we provide every advantage possible to protect and grow your wealth.

Scientific Approach to Investing

We employ a disciplined investment philosophy backed by academic and scientifically validated investment principles and processes.  Our pursuit of higher expected returns is backed by decades of research, rigorous testing, and three Nobel Prizes in Economics.

  • Robert Merton, PhD

    Nobel Laureate 1997, Massachusetts Institute of Tech.
  • Daniel Kahneman, PhD

    Nobel Laureate 2002, Princeton University
  • Eugene Fama, PhD

    Nobel Laureate 2013, University of Chicago
  • Kenneth French, PhD

    Dartmouth College
  • Cliff Asness, PhD

    University of Chicago

Note: The individuals featured here are academics; they are not employed or compensated by Mercer Advisors. They also do not endorse Mercer Advisors, its model portfolios, or investment strategies.

Ongoing Client Education

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Our Teams

Our team of experts approaches your financial and investment strategy from every possible angle because we realize that it’s your future, not anyone else’s. Tell us where you want to be. We’ll show you how to get there. Allow us to earn your trust.


Knowledge is everything. We’ve placed our resources at your fingertips. Our services have people talking. Whether it’s information about us or information from us, you’ll find it here.

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