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Spouse with a chronic medical conditionSOLUTION
Our financial advisors, retirement plan specialists, and estate planning lawyers will help you explore proactive tax mitigation strategies, develop an estate plan, and analyze how your current investments may be used to deal with unexpected medical expenses.
Rising energy prices and their effects on retirement portfoliosSOLUTION
Some clients have discovered through working with us that energy prices are of minimal concern, while others may increase or decrease their exposure because of rising energy prices to help reach specific wealth management goals. If a portfolio rebalance is needed your advisor will assist you.

Exposure to foreign securities

While we encourage our clients to leverage highly diversified portfolios, we recognize concerns related to specific securities. Our team prides itself on being able to relay the effects of exposure to specific equities or classes of equities, and works with our clients to ensure that their specific risk tolerance is reflected in their portfolio.

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  • Many of our advisors have the CFP® certification and we encourage our advisors to obtain additional designations
  • 46% of our employees are women, and 49% of our employees are women who are client-facing
  • In-house lawyers and attorneys provide teams with critical support and guidance