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Manage, Maintain & Grow your wealth with Mercer Advisors

Manage, Maintain & Grow your wealth with Mercer Advisors

Mercer Advisors seeks to grow our clients’ wealth in keeping with their financial and lifestyle goals—our bespoke approach has led to positive results for thousands of clients since 1981. We use cutting-edge financial research to help power returns for families, individuals, and firms of all sizes.

An institutional grade portfolio designed to meet your goals

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Personalized to your family’s needs

Investments that meet your, not our firm’s, needs


Investment decisions rooted in cutting-edge financial research


Our scale allows us to minimize costs while maximizing sophistication

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Professionally monitored

Your portfolio will be overseen and monitored by our professional investors

Our commitment to our clients doesn’t stop with portfolio management.

We also include the following services alongside wealth management:

Mercer Advisors. A fully independent, national fiduciary

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Company statistics a of 06/30/2023. AUM data refers to client assets under management (AUM) and client asset under advisement (AUA) by both Mercer Global Advisors Inc. and Regis Management Company. Regis Management Company is a tradename used by Regis Acquisition, Inc. Mercer Global Advisors Inc. and Regis Acquisition, Inc. are affiliated SEC registered investment advisers and deliver investment advisory and family office related services. Mercer Global Advisors Inc. and Regis Acquisition, Inc., are subsidiaries of Mercer Advisors Inc., a parent company not involved with investment services. Data also includes assets gained from recent acquisitions where the advisory agreements have been assigned to Mercer Global Advisors, but the custodial accounts have yet to be transferred and/or the accounts have yet to be migrated to Mercer Global Advisors’ portfolio management system.  Please note, past performance is not a guarantee of future results.