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Unified Wealth Management

No time for financial planning

Your priorities are in the right place, but that doesn’t always leave time to plan for your financial goals. Our team’s holistic approach to wealth management means that a team of specialists is in your corner connecting all aspects of your financial life. Spend less time worrying if there’s more you could be doing, and more time enjoying the freedom your wealth affords you. 

Early College Planning

Our all-in-one financial services help you plan for your family’s college expenses by integrating them with your long-term financial goals. Our advisors use investment strategies to help maximize your savings, and leverage tax strategies designed to help you build wealth more efficiently.

First-time investors

Investing for the first time can be overwhelming when the stakes are high. We provide you with an advisor who helps you understand the impact of your decisions on your financial plan. Your advisor will get to know you, your family, and your goals, providing tailored one-on-one guidance and oversight. You may not have decades of experience, but we build globally diversified, cost-effective portfolios designed to deliver a high probability of investment success.

Navigating company benefits

Our financial planning solutions help you take full advantage of your company benefits package and optimize your income, including guidance on employer-sponsored retirement plans, employee stock purchase plans, stock options, and similar benefits.

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About Mercer Advisors

  • Many of our advisors have the CFP® certification and we encourage our advisors to obtain additional designations
  • 46% of our employees are women, and 49% of our employees are women who are client-facing
  • In-house lawyers and attorneys provide teams with critical support and guidance