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Mercer Advisors Exists So That Our Clients Don’t Have To Worry About Money

We call this Economic Freedom™

Your Team

Your Team

A unified in-house team

of advisors, financial planners, investment managers, tax accountants, and estate strategists
Your Person

Your Person

A hand-picked advisor

who is focused entirely on serving you, not on finding new clients
Your Portfolio

Your Portfolio

An institutional-grade personalized portfolio

managed by a team of full-time investment professionals
Your Firm

Your Firm

A fully independent, national fiduciary

committed to always working in your best interest

For more than 35 years, we’ve worked with families to help them simplify the complexity of their money and, most importantly, to help them figure out what it’s all for

A Hand-picked advisor, matchmade by our specialists to your financial situation and goals

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Complex Family Situations

Complicated sources of income and wealth

Structures Icon

Unique asset structures

Assets building icon

Specialized assets & holdings

An institutional grade, customized portfolio designed to meet your goals

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Personalized to your family’s needs

Investments that meet your, not our firm’s, needs


Investment decisions rooted in cutting-edge financial research


Our scale allows us to minimize costs while maximizing sophistication

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Professionally monitored

Your portfolio will be overseen and monitored by our professional investors

A unified, in-house team

Unified In-House Team

Mercer Advisors. A fully independent, national fiduciary

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