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Our Certified Divorce Financial Analysts are trained to answer all your questions before, during, and after the divorce process.

Get the support you need from a unified team of advisors with expertise in evaluating settlement proposals, advising you on potential tradeoff scenarios, and helping to maximize your assets during the divorce process.

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Managing your family’s finances alone is often a challenging and emotional experience. At Mercer Advisors, our multi-disciplinary wealth management teams specialize in guiding individuals recently impacted by divorce through its financial complexities.

Whether you’re in the midst of a divorce, have just finalized your divorce, or are contemplating the financial repercussions of a potential separation, our experienced team is here to help. Our advisors can help you develop a deeper understanding of your assets, craft a robust financial plan, and talk through potential implications on lifestyle, cash flow, tax and estate plans, and more.

Frequently asked questions that our advisors can help you with

  1. What are the potential financial implications of a divorce?
  2. I’m in the process of going through a divorce – how should I manage my current assets (e.g., should I sell my house)?
  3. I’m recently divorced – how can I optimize my assets and make sure I’m making the right financial decisions?
  4. If I keep my house, do I have to change my lifestyle?
  5. How can I maximize my cash flow?
  6. Can I sustain my current lifestyle on half of my current financial reality?
  7. How should I approach filing my taxes moving forward?
  8. What changes do I need to make to my estate plan?
  9. What is the best strategy for college planning for my children? How does my divorce impact my current plan?
  10. Do I need to make changes to my life insurance?

How can Mercer Advisors help me?

Mercer Advisors is positioned to assist divorcees in their financial journey. Here's how we can help:

Dedicated advisors with expertise: We have over 15 Certified Divorce Financial Analysts (CDFA) who specialize in financial planning, tax law, and asset distribution for divorcees.

A unified team, anchored by a dedicated advisor: Unlike many CDFAs who only offer ad-hoc consulting, our integrated approach helps relieve you of the burden of coordinating with multiple professionals and allows us to manage your finances holistically.

Specific offerings for divorcees: In addition to our comprehensive services, we also have a special offering for those currently going through a divorce, which includes evaluation of settlement proposals.

Scenario planning tools: Our team can tailor your financial plan to account to your current asset levels and generate detailed, future-looking projections including analysis of specific variables (e.g., keeping or selling a property, different investment scenarios.

At Mercer Advisors, we’re committed to helping you navigate the financial complexities of divorce and pave the way for a brighter financial future.

What Should I Know About Mercer Advisors?

Unified team, anchored by
a dedicated advisor

Your team will be anchored by a financial advisor working with financial planners, investment managers, tax accountants, and estate planning specialists who will connect the dots of your financial life.

A Hand-picked Advisor that Understands Your Situation

We have a team of advisors and Certified Divorce Financial Planners that have worked with many clients in your situation. Your advisor shouldn’t be the first person you speak with, but rather the best person to help you achieve your goals.

Fully independent,
national fiduciary

We are a fully independent, national fiduciary. As a fiduciary, we are obligated to act and provide advice that is always in your best interest. And 37% of our employees are also owners of our firm, so we are focused on doing the right thing in the long term.

Institutional-Grade Portfolio
Personalized for You

All our investment decisions are made at the firm level by a centralized Investment Committee. We take a long-term approach to investing and building wealth through careful portfolio construction, manager selection, and ongoing monitoring.