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DTE Energy Voluntary Separation Incentive Program:
Navigating what’s next

DTE Energy’s recent VSIP offer creates a unique opportunity for thousands of Michigan families.

Mercer Advisors is a wealth management firm that focuses specifically on helping families facing these kinds of decisions find a path to Economic Freedom™. To support our community, we are offering 250 free financial planning sessions available to impacted employees of DTE Energy, with no long-term commitment.

We are here to help:

Schedule a complimentary 45-minute DTE Energy VSIP financial consultation directly with an advisor to discuss your financial options


We understand that this can be a challenging and uncertain time for those who have been impacted. Mercer Advisors is here to help you navigate the financial implications of this VSIP offer. We have created 250 initial financial planning sessions available to the DTE community, at no cost.

What is happening?

As part of the severance package, DTE Energy is offering affected employees 25-44 weeks of pay. You may already have received your offer, and our understanding is that you need to make a decision on the offer by March.

What questions should I be asking?

Mercer Advisors can help you take control of your financial future. Our experienced team can answer the questions you have about your situation. You’re likely wondering:

  • What are the pros and cons of taking the VSIP?
  • What are the options for my retirement account?
  • What happens to my insurance if I take the VSIP?
  • What are my options?
  • How can I set myself up to achieve my financial and retirement goals?

Questions we have heard and can discuss in your session

What should I consider to make the decision on whether to take the VSIP offer?

  • Is this a good deal?
  • Do I have enough?
  • I’m afraid of change, will this be a good change?
  • How will this impact my tax bill?
  • Should I change my investments?
  • How should I make my pension claiming decision?

How should I manage my money going forward?

  • What are my options with my retirement accounts?
  • Should I keep my DTE stock in my retirement account?
  • What about NUA and the potential opportunity/related tax issues?
  • What about DTM stock that I received?
  • What should I do with the after-tax dollars in my 401k?
  • What are my insurance options going forward?

How can Mercer Advisors help me?

Our firm was built to help families navigate life’s financial complexities. We have found that many of our best client relationships begin during times like these – when you are facing critical and time-sensitive decisions like the DTE VSIP offer. We typically only make these initial planning sessions available to Mercer Advisors clients, but we have waived that requirement for the people at DTE who have been made the offer. There is no cost for the session, and no obligation to become a client.

What Should I Know About Mercer Advisors?


Our team of Michigan-based advisors has a deep understanding of the community derived from over three decades of local experience. Mercer Advisors has multiple offices located in DTE services areas with dozens of team members who can provide in-person support and are backed by over 1,000 colleagues nationwide.

Advisors who understand
your situation

Every client is matched with an advisors who understands their specific situation. We will match you with a hand-picked advisor who understands the DTE situation and can support you. We also have many other specialties, and 50% of our client-facing advisors are women.

Fully independent,
national fiduciary

We are a fully independent, national fiduciary. As a fiduciary, we are obligated to act and provide advice that is always in your best interest. And 37% of our employees are also owners of our firm, so we are focused on doing the right things in the long term.

Unified team, anchored by
a dedicated advisor

If you choose to work with us, your team will consist of financial planners, investment managers, tax accountants, and estate attorneys who will connect the dots of your financial life. Your team is anchored by a financial advisor that is solely focused on serving you, and not on finding new clients.


Let our experience
benefit you

Schedule a complementary financial planning session with one of our advisors today.

Mercer Advisors. A fully independent, national fiduciary

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