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You want to offer a retirement plan

that helps you and your employees reach your financial goals

You want to offer a retirement plan that’s also easy to implement and manage while meeting the needs of your business. Mercer Advisors provides retirement plan services designed specifically for businesses like yours, to help you prepare for the future with confidence.

Ease Your Administrative and Fiduciary Responsibilities

As a retirement plan sponsor, you are a fiduciary, which means you are required to follow certain rules and regulations when it comes to managing your plan. Balancing these obligations with your day-to-day responsibilities can be a challenge. We can help alleviate much of the management and investment duties for you, freeing you up to focus on your primary role, whether that be running a small business, or managing an organization with multiple employees and moving parts.

Our experienced team of retirement plan advisors act as fiduciaries. This means we can take on the regulatory responsibility for managing your plan investments, helping to reduce the cost and complexity of your retirement plan benefit and giving you one less thing to worry about.

Imagine a boutique experience centered around you and your employee retirement plan needs with an attentive, knowledgeable team standing at the ready to help you achieve your financial goals. That’s the level of service and commitment you can expect when you partner with Mercer Advisors.

We help you select the investment offerings for your plan based on the best interests of you and your employees, not our firm.

We do not offer proprietary investment products, which gives us the ability to choose investments using time-tested, research-driven methodologies. Our cost-effective investment portfolios are created to help maximize long-term returns while minimizing risk. As a national RIA, we can provide institutional pricing to help lower your overall costs.

Our investment approach and philosophy isn’t directed by a single individual—it’s guided by a committee made up of 23 investment professionals from across the firm with deep financial and wealth management industry experience. Investment Committee members make it their mission to stay up to date on the latest academic data and market research to ensure our offerings remain competitive and reflect our clients’ best interests.

What’s more, we have a dedicated ERISA sub-committee that is well-versed in ever-shifting retirement plan regulations and their impact on our clients.

We understand that your company’s values are important to you, your employees, and your organization. We can manage a menu of investments that reflect those values, and either include or exclude investments from your plan’s line-up.

Mercer Advisors has served businesses for more than 30 years. Backed by our firm’s reputation and longevity, we have helped thousands of clients navigate the markets, build wealth, and create legacies for the future.

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