Added benefits/value extension for Mercer Advisors clients and personnel:

• Kanaly Trust offers a full range of trust administration and trust services

• Legatee and beneficiary income distribution management

• Access to a broader range of strategies and solutions for multi-generational estate
and investment needs; executive counseling

• Expanded family office services

•Executive financial planning and benefit analysis

•Real estate services, including oil and gas

•Business succession planning

•Charitable giving and philanthropic planning

•Risk management

•Estate settlement services 

•Bill pay

Attributes shared by both Mercer Advisors and Kanaly Trust:

• Governed by a client-centric culture

•Similar service models

•Similar client profile and base

• Serve clients at nothing less than a fiduciary standard of care

•Mercer Advisors as an RIA firm, regulated by the SEC

•Kanaly Trust as a Corporate Trustee, operating under state banking regulations

• Experienced organizations; 30+ years of operating history

• Lifetime advisors; 20+ years of industry experience; many senior advisors have 10+,
even 20+ years of tenure at their respective firms

• Financial Planning is the core/centerpiece of each client relationship

• Provide the same fee-only services for the same fees

• Committed to continuity of client care and fostering long-term relationships

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