Episode 19: Lost Planning Opportunities with Drew Kanaly

In this episode of The Science of Economic Freedom, “Lost Planning Opportunities with Drew Kanaly,” I have a conversation with the Chairman Emeritus of the Kanaly Trust, an expert in investment management, charitable trusts, and family limited partnerships who has over 30 years of experience in the industry.

Topics covered in this podcast include:

  • How to avoid lost planning opportunities.
  • Dealing with “living too long,” and preparing for “dying too soon.”
  • How to prepare your estate for the mental or physical impairment of a key decision maker.
  • The process of designating, and “grooming” a successor trustee in your estate plan.
  • How to work with a trust company, and what it can do for wealthy families.
  • Making sure your critical estate planning documents are in “good order.”
  • Assessing your personal balance sheet and using it as a barometer of where you are (cash flow), and of where you are going.
  • How to keep assets separate, including separate property status, and how to maintain that separation.

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