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The Last Best Tax Shelters Podcast

Doug Fabian

Senior Vice President


In this episode of The Science of Economic Freedom, you’ll find out about some of the best tax shelters currently available right now to virtually all Americans.

More importantly, we’re not going to talk about any specific tax shelter products. Rather, this episode is all about the strategy and tactics you can use to put existing tax shelters to work for you.

For example, you’ll learn:

  • How to optimize your retirement accounts; how to get on the path to maximizing your retirement account contributions, and how to handle rules such as required minimum distributions (RMD).
  • Why owing real estate can be a tax deduction both during the period of home ownership, as well as when it comes time to sell a home.
  • How owing a small business where you receive 1099 income lets you offset business expenses such as automobile, travel, computers, cell phones, internet connection, office supplies and more.
  • Why owning a small business could allow you contribute as much as $55,000 per year to a special type of IRA.
  • What the structural tax benefits are to owning a small business.
  • Plus, a quick list of “honorable mention” greatest tax shelters that may apply to you.

Here are a few “Action Steps” to take away from this episode:

1) Ask yourself which tax shelters you are participating in, and whether you are maximizing your retirement account contributions.

2) What new ideas can you implement form the list of great tax shelters in this episode?

3) What questions came to mind that you can run by your financial and/or tax advisor?

4) Send me an email with your questions, show topic suggestions, or other ideas to


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