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What You Need To Know About Medicare Podcast

In this episode of the Science of Economic Freedom podcast, “What You Need to Know About Medicare,” David Haman, client advisor at Mercer Advisors, returns to discuss his vast knowledge of this government program, a program most of us will participate in when we qualify.

In this detailed discussion of Medicare, David tells us all about the program, including:

  • Defining Medicare and its eligibility requirements
  • Medicare’s history and its original purpose
  • The various “parts” of Medicare, e.g. “A, B, C and D”
  • The costs and benefits to Medicare’s different parts
  • What is covered, and what isn’t covered, by Medicare
  • How to get additional coverage for Medicare’s “gaps”
  • Enrollment periods and the importance of knowing the Medicare calendar
  • The financial viability of Medicare and its future
  • Where you can find help with your Medicare questions

Just like our previous discussion on Social Security, David’s intimate knowledge of Medicare helped me learn a lot about the complexities of this program. And just like his previous episode, I think this one is destined to be one of our most-listened to shows.

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