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The Journey to Economic Freedom – Are You Where You Want To Be?

Doug Fabian

Senior Vice President


In this episode of the Science of Economic Freedom podcast, “Are You Where You Want to Be on Your Journey to Economic Freedom?”, we start with some eye-openings statistics.

According to my data:

  • Only 30% of Americans are financially literate.
  • Some 50% of households say they expect to see a decline in lifestyle post retirement.
  • While 55% of Americans have access to a 401(k) plan, only 38% participate in their plans.
  • Approximately 2 million people in the U.S. overpay their taxes.
  • A startling 30% of households have a negative net worth, and live paycheck to paycheck.

Now, most listeners to this show are in a much better place than most Americans financially. But, have you achieved your financial goals? Are you financially independent?

In this episode, we cover some of the strategies needed to both gain, and keep, your economic freedom.

We do this by going through an exercise I call the “Wealth Management Pyramid.”

This exercise forces you to examine your balance sheet, goals, cash flow, tax profile, etc. Doing so can help you see where you are, and help you decide the next step on your journey toward economic freedom.


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