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Your Financial Market Update

In this special bonus episode of the Science of Economic Freedom, “Your Financial Market Update,” I dig through the performance details of the major market indices to see how the respective sectors performed last quarter, and year to date.

I also look at fixed income performance, as well as the relative underperformance of international and emerging market stocks. I then look at the fourth quarter landscape, including potential headwinds and tailwinds on this market heading into the end of 2018.

Topics discussed in this episode include:

  • Q3 and YTD domestic equity index performance
  • Q3 and YTD international equity index performance
  • Q3 and YTD fixed income performance
  • U.S./China trade tensions
  • Economic growth and corporate earnings
  • Rising interest rates and tame inflation
  • Burgeoning budget deficits
  • Looking at the market through the proper lens

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