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The Post-Election Market Update Podcast


Doug Fabian, financial advisor and host of Mercer Advisors wealth management podcast “The Science of Economic Freedom” answers the most pressing questions on investors’ minds right now, including insights on what’s next for the markets, and whether the election results really matter to your personal finances.. After listening to this episode, you will have a clearer perspective on post-election investment management.

The midterm elections are over, and investors are asking themselves a lot of questions about what the “split Congress” means for their money. We’ve fielded many questions from clients on the implications of the election, and that’s why I know there’s a lot of uncertainty about what this all means for your financial planning.

In this episode of the Science of Economic Freedom, “Your Post-Election Market Update,” I answer the pressing questions on many investors’ minds right now, including:

  • What’s next for the markets?
  • Did the election results really matter to your personal finances
  • What should you do now with your asset allocation
  • Are these, in fact, even the right questions to be asking?
  • What questions you should be asking your financial advisor right now
  • Why the stock market news headlines are your friend
  • Plus, much more.

Political change, just like any kind of significant change, can be uncomfortable psychologically. But as you’ll find out after listening to this episode, there really is no cause for alarm. In fact, the data overwhelmingly skews in investors’ favor.

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