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Part II, Market Scoreboard for the First Half of 2018

In this special bonus episode of the Science of Economic Freedom podcast, “Market Scoreboard for the First Half of 2018, Part II,” we continue to look at the tailwinds likely to fuel the earnings sails, including tax reform, low unemployment, modestly rising interest rates, solid wage growth and modest inflation, as well as a growing global economy that continues to perform despite trade war threats.

Additional topics in this show include:

  • Assessing your current market exposure
  • How to determine your level of diversification
  • The importance over time of having a balanced portfolio
  • How to develop a bear market game plan
  • Knowing your time horizon
  • Plus, much more…

If you want to put a bow on the first half of the year, and if you want to be ready for what’s in store in the back half, then this episode of the podcast is aimed right at you.

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