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Market Volatility and Your Next Steps

In this special bonus episode of The Science of Economic Freedom, we go over:

  • What’s happened with this market volatility, and why it’s occurring.
  • Placing this “correction” in context.
  • Why a 5% correction is normal for markets.
  • The difference between “points” and “percentages.”
  • How to avoid making emotional decisions with your money.
  • How to use the current market volatility to your advantage.

Here are the “Action Step” takeaways from this episode:

1) Look at your portfolio and determine what, if any, percentage declines you’ve experienced.

2) Keep your emotions in check, and don’t get scared into making bad decisions based on market volatility.

3) Discuss your portfolio with you advisor to make sure your money is in sync with your long-term financial goals.

4) Listen to Episodes 7 and Episode 8 of The Science of Economic Freedom.

5) Send me an email with your questions, show topic suggestions, or other ideas to

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