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When to Sell a Stock, Mutual Fund or ETF

Doug Fabian

Senior Vice President


For most investors, knowing when to sell a stock, mutual fund or exchange-traded fund (ETF) can be one of the most difficult—and one of the most critical—decisions to get right. But how do you know when you should sell? Perhaps more importantly, when should you NOT sell?

In this episode of the Science of Economic Freedom, “When to Sell a Stock, Mutual Fund or ETF,” we discuss the many good reasons to sell along with some of the worst reasons to sell.

Key issues covered in this episode include:

  • The differences between selling in a taxable account and a tax-deferred account.
  • The reasons why many investors underperform (hint, it has to do with too much selling).
  • The biggest reasons NOT to sell, including emotional reactions, market volatility, rumors, politics, etc.
  • How to sell for tax optimization.
  • When and how to sell when rebalancing your portfolio.
  • Why you might need to sell when you are altering your investment strategy and/or when you change advisors.
  • How to sell so that your portfolio is in line with your long-term goals.
  • Plus, much more.

As anyone who has had to sell a stock, mutual fund or ETF knows, it can be difficult to decide when the time has come for a change. In this podcast, we provide some key principles to keep in mind before you make that critical sell decision.