Four Attributes of Successful Investing w/ Don Calcagni

In this episode of the Science of Economic Freedom, I discuss the critical topic of how to successfully manage your money with my friend and Mercer Advisors Chief Investment Officer Don Calcagni. Don is an expert on all things investing, and his breadth of knowledge will help you understand the key issues involved in truly being able to manage your money successfully. Hint: It’s not all about picking the right stocks or funds.

In this discussion, you’ll discover the four attributes needed to be a successful investor. You’ll also learn why you need to “step outside yourself” to do so, and why doing so includes a keen critique of your past investment decisions.

Additional topics in this insightful interview include:

* The looming retirement crisis in America.

* Why managing your own wealth requires a lot of time, desire and expertise.

* How to hold yourself accountable for your own mistakes.

* Avoiding confirmation bias.

* How to set investment objectives, and how to follow your “compass.”

* Gender issues, and why they matter in retirement planning decisions.

* How to find the best financial advice and expertise out there.

* Plus, key takeaways and actions steps to take right now.